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How to configure the Voice serviceIf you have Internet (data) service but not Voice, check that you have the following functions activated:3. Select “Preferred network type “4. Activate the Roaming option and the LTE option.2. Choose “Mobile networks” in the “Wireless and networks” or “SIM cards and mobile networks” section.1. Find and activate the option Enhanced 4G Mode, Enhanced VoLTELTE or 4GLTEand activate the option Select network automaticallyWhat to do if the cell phone does not have internet accessIf you have SMS and Voice service, but no data, you need to do the following: you will need to configure your APN on the device (APN is the name under which the cell phone enters the network) It is very simple, just follow these steps:1. Go to Settings, usually represented by a “Gear” icon2. Choose “Mobile Networks” in the “Wireless and Networking” or “SIM Cards and Mobile Networks” section4. Click on the “+” icon at the top right of the screen.3. Choose “APN” If it is not visible in the list, click on “More options “5. Click on APN and type internet.oxio.comClick on name and save as “Oxio”.

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IoT and data analytics solutions for the different assets of the company, from vehicles, the load in the logistics chain or the mobility of the worker in the field, for greater safety, efficiency of operations and reduction of carbon footprint.

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Scalable solutions to optimize our customers’ operations, based on IIoT, LTE/5G, Industrial Edge Computing, AI, Big Data and Blockchain technologies and supported on a mobile industrial network.

Thanks to the digital transformation of physical spaces you will be able to increase the knowledge of user behavior, as well as maximize the efficiency of the different processes and improve the user experience, all in a sustainable way without harming the environment.

Case Study: Today we highlight the case of Toyota Argentina. Thanks to telematics and our fleet solution, Toyota has managed to collect information from vehicles regarding driving behavior and geolocation.

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With your cell phone you can do much more than just talk on WhatsApp or watch your social networks. If you have a good tariff with unlimited data, you will not have to worry about your internet connection to watch series, movies, make video calls or send photos and videos from your mobile.

In this sense, it is advisable to analyze the use you usually make of your cell phone before signing up for a phone tariff. If you are one of those who cannot live without being connected to your phone, without sending WhatsApps or uploading photos to Instagram, you will need to have a plan that includes enough data to avoid being disconnected -or with a slow connection speed- when you most need to be online.

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Yoigo is another cell phone and Internet operator that has a tariff with unlimited gigabytes. Yoigo’s Sin Fin tariff provides unlimited gigabytes for 20 euros per month, although it is a promotional amount for three months. After this time, users will pay 33 euros per month. It also includes unlimited calls.

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We continue to improve the app experience, not only for Priority customers, but for all our users. Update your app and soon you will start to see exclusive offers and promotions for you.

Check your consumption in real time, view and download your bills and access content and recommendations for you. You can do all this and more, easily and with advanced security, with the new My Movistar Next app.

This is an application that brings you information about your Movistar products and many benefits for the better management of your lines, whether they are mobile, fixed telephony, or about your Internet or TV products.

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– Manage your line in real time. Check your data and call consumption, both mobile and landline, and the contracted speed of your Fiber or ADSL Internet. In addition, activate the consumption ‘widget’ for your mobile desktop and always have this information at hand without having to open the app.

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